GEOAmey brings a progressive approach to the provision of UK justice services drawing on expertise as an international leader in custodial care and the management of complex logistics. Our innovative logistical solutions supported by advanced technology are driving safe, secure, and more efficient prisoner movements.

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On behalf of the Ministry of Justice, GEOAmey delivers prisoner escort and custody services across England and Wales with the exception of London and Eastern England. We manage more than 12,500 prisoner movements every week between police custody suites, courts and prisons, operating a fleet of almost 500 purpose designed custody vehicles and covering some 17.5 million miles annually.

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Managing the complex logistics of moving prisoners safely, securely, efficiently, and to schedule, whilst ensuring the wellbeing of the people in our care is a challenging undertaking. Our people are professional, well trained, and motivated. We can rely on them to meet the challenges of the job exceptionally well. We employ people in the UK dedicated and trained in Prisoner Escort and Custodial Services contracts. The expertise, skills, and commitment they each bring to their respective jobs are fundamental to our success.
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