Secure prisoner transportation and custody services
Secure prisoner transportation and custody services


GEOAmey has been awarded three contracts by the Ministry of Justice in the United Kingdom to provide prison escort and custody services across England and Wales with the exception of London and eastern England.

GEOAmey has been awarded the contract for the Scottish Court Custody and Prisoner Escorting Service (SCCPES), on behalf of the Scottish Prison Service and Criminal Justice Partners, which is due to start operating during January 2019.

If you find yourself in a court or being transported from secure establishment, the chances are you will be in the custody of GEOAmey.  We provide management of the cell and dock areas in over 220 courts in the UK and we also provide the secure transport to those suites from prisons and police stations.  While a defendant is waiting to be seen by a Magistrate or Judge we will supervise the court cells and safely escort the defendant to their court hearing.  In most cases we will stay in the dock and manage the defendant and ensure that those in the court are secure and that the needs of the defendant are met.  We work with numerous agencies to ensure the safe, secure and decent management of these defendants and the safety of the public.  GEOAmey also provides the transportation of defendants between courts, police stations and prisons.  Our fleet of vehicles is a mixture of cellular, non cellular, modified MPVs and people carriers specially designed to allow safety, security and comfort.

Our principles

  • Safety & security
  • Continuous improvement
  • Respect & fairness