Secure prisoner transportation and custody services
Secure prisoner transportation and custody services



Barnardo’s is working in partnership with GEOAmey to improve services for children and young people

Youth Custody Service

We work with the YCS to continuously develop and improve our safeguarding policy to ensure we always provide safe and secure custody and transportation to children and young people under 18.

Ministry of Justice

We have worked in partnership with the Ministry of Justice to develop innovative logistical solutions supported by advanced technology to drive more efficient, safe, and secure prisoner movements, whilst ensuring the wellbeing of the people in our care.

HM Courts & Tribunal Service

We work alongside HMCTS to ensure that we support the efficient running of the courts so that defendants have access to fair, efficient and effective justice.]


We assist HMIP during their inspections and understand their expectations.  HMIP’s findings are reviewed regularly and we disseminate their recommendations, action plans and learnings across all staff in the company.

Read the latest HMIP report here.