Secure prisoner transportation and custody services
Secure prisoner transportation and custody services

Parent companies

GEOAmey was formed in 2011 as a joint venture between Amey UK Plc and The GEO Group Inc bringing two successful organisations together to create a compelling and cost-effective business to satisfy the requirements of the justice market. The joint venture is managed by an Executive Management Team who are tasked with the delivery of our contracted obligations, adding value to the MoJ, providing shareholder returns and in so doing creating a company for others to benchmark against in this sector.

Amey (

Amey is a leading UK public services provider with more than 21,000 staff. The company works across three main markets, inter urban, local government and built environment. It delivers services in highways, roads, schools, passenger transportation, waste, rail, fleet solutions, work space, lighting, housing and aviation sectors.

GEO Group (

The GEO Group is a leader in the delivery of correctional, detention and residential treatment services to federal, state and local government agencies around the globe.  It offers a turnkey approach that includes design, construction, financing and operations.